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Prijs: 30,00

Aantal op voorraad:  1

Fantasy Frontier

Art. Nr. 1610

Fantasy Frontier is a fantasy boardgame of airships and exploration.
Each player controls a unique airship with a crew of pioneers. Players manage the actions of these pioneers each turn in an effort to scout the land, gather resources, construct townships, and even battle it out in aerial combat. Creating geographic patterns via tile placement, the players will develop a new world each time they play.
Players compete to be the first to score the required number of victory points to win the game. Points are scored by building townships, completing geographic patterns, and fighting their rivals in airship battles.

Engels spel met uitsluitend Engelse spelregels.

Aantal spelers: 2 - 4

Leeftijd: vanaf 13 jaar

Speelduur: 45 - 90 minuten

Spel is compleet en in zeer goede staat.

Fantasy Frontier - 1
Fantasy Frontier - 2
Fantasy Frontier - 3
Fantasy Frontier - 4