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Prijs: 5,00

Aantal op voorraad:  1

Easy School

Art. Nr. 1058

Engels spel:
Each player takes on the role of a college student who has to pass as many exams as possible. To succeed in this quest, players may ask for help from nerds, hack computers to change their marks, give gifts to teachers, and (to throw out an oddball suggestion) study. As those who recall their university days will recall, stress is always right around the corner, and stressed students can?t hope to succeed. Students can just try to avoid stress or they can look for relaxation by interrupting their opponents? own attempts to study. At the end of the game?which comes when a player draws the second special card announcing the end of semester?players calculate their scores, and the player with the highest final score wins.

Aantal spelers: 3 - 5

Leeftijd: vanaf 8 jaar

Spelduur: ca. 15 - 30 minuten

- 110 kaarten
- spelregels in het engels, duits, italiaans, spaans en frans

Het spel is compleet en in zeer goede staat.

Easy School - 1
Easy School - 2
Easy School - 3